OdigeO will be the name of the holding of eDreams, Opodo, Go Voyage and Travellink

The merger between Go Voyages, eDreams, Opodo and Travellink has given birth to the first group of online travel in Europe and fifth in the world. The group resulting from the merger will be called OdigeO, although the name does not reach the final customer, given the brand recognition they have each in its core markets, quoted in the November issue of Preferente.


“It’s a name that will not reach the final customer, as each individual brand will continue as before because they are highly valued in the various markets where we operate. There are many investment behind each of them and, above all, are complementary,” said the director of Spain, Italy, international coordination and relations with suppliers OdigeO, Javier Bellido, also CEO of eDreams.


Opodo is a very strong position in northern Europe, especially in the UK, Germany and the Nordic countries. eDreams dominates in the Mediterranean (Spain, Portugal and Italy) and is the most internationalized, weighing in Latin America, Canada, India and Australia. As for Go Voyages, a leader in the French market and Travellink, a benchmark in the segment business.


If individuals are strong, together form the fifth online travel agency in the world after the four American (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and Priceline). “Now our challenge now is to consolidate, transfer the know-how gained from each brand to the rest of the the group and create synergies to continue to grow and do well in a profitable way, “says Bellido.


OdigeO occupies a privileged position to become the online travel group global. “U.S. online agencies do not reach everywhere. Expedia is the number 1 in the world for its sales in Latin primarily but not in Europe, their presence is testimony here, “said Bell, who blames the peculiarities of each market, especially that of emerging markets.


“Local players know these peculiarities and had managed to make strong in their own markets,” so to grow the way seems clear: “over time will grow as ongoing partnerships with local actors in unique markets India, China, Eastern Europe, etc

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