Spanish Secretary of Tourism doubts: Globalia or AC Hoteles?

Spanish Secreatry of Tourism has assumed that Tourism Secretary, Joan Mesquida, progress to private enterprise. It’s the talk of the general secretary and promotion agency. The few officers who work in Tourism Administration in august do not talk about anything these days, beyond the daily work.
At the headquarters of Tourism gives more validity to the supply of AC Hotels, Why? This string is an expert in relocating a former senior official of the tourism sector. And the president, Catalan, also a personal friend of Joan Mesquida. And a man linked to the Socialists that the PP.
The secretary general continues to defoliate margarita. ¿Globalia or AC?
Bets are made. ¿Mesquida is stand in office until the election? In reason it should. But in politics there is no logic, even the impossible can be.
The PSOE is relocating all its senior officials, but the difference with Joan Mesquida is that it is not going to any embassy, international organization or public institution. What we have decided, unlike others, is that he joined the private sector. Let the public work, where it has always been since their first job.
And the environment has made it clear Spaniard who does not return to the Island A way of discarding Globalia? Not necessarily. Because it could work in the central Pozuelo, and live where you live is not just the general direction of Guardia Civil, Const.


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