29 septiembre, 2015

Biel Barceló: “Los conflictos en otros países han ayudado al desvío de turistas hacia el archipiélago”

  El vicepresidente del Govern balear y conseller de Innovación, Investigación y Turismo, Biel Barceló, ha reconocido al diario El Mundo que el incremento del gasto de turistas internacionales que visitaron las Islas, se debe principalmente a los conflictos internacionales,... Seguir leyendo...

24 septiembre, 2012

Turkey: Russians are seldom regular guests

Turkey is the preferred holiday destination of Russian holidaymakers, although when it comes to how often they visit the country this source market still has enormous growth potential. In 2011, only 14 per cent of the 3.4 million holiday trips undertaken by Russians to... Seguir leyendo...

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16 septiembre, 2012

New Infrastructure and Demand Buoy ASEAN Cruise Sector

The cruise industry in Southeast Asia is set to grow, with the region’s countries committed to upgrading its cruise infrastructure as intra-regional demand for cruising within ASEAN rises.   Cruise lines are increasingly basing their ships in Southeast Asia... Seguir leyendo...

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9 agosto, 2012

Al Qaeda may target tourist resorts in Andalusia

According to the Daily Mirror, the suspected al-Qaeda cell had intended to use a small plane to bomb bars packed with people watching the Olympics on outdoor screens. They then planned to follow that up with a Mumbai-style machine-gun rampage on foot, the newspaper said.   Security... Seguir leyendo...

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10 mayo, 2012

Many Would-Be Travelers Stuck At Home

Improved confidence among U.S. consumers has started to breathe some life back into the travel industry. But while hotel and air suppliers continue to benefit from the uplift in moral, a new Global Edition study from PhoCusWright reveals that many still are not spending.... Seguir leyendo...

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28 septiembre, 2011

Enrique Ruiz de Lera, appointed director of Spanish National Tourist Office in London

Enrique Ruiz de Lera, deputy director general of Spain Promotion and Marketing Tourism, will replace Ignacio Vasallo as director of the Spanish Tourist Office in London, while Monica Sanchez Gonzalez, who was the head coach of the cabinet Joan Mesquida, has been appointed... Seguir leyendo...

25 septiembre, 2011

Happy Cruises ceases operations only temporarily

The Spanish-based cruise line, Happy Cruises, is considering different plans to continue operating after having ceased operations temporarily this weekend. The purpose of its shareholders is still work in the coming days, as has known.   The Board of... Seguir leyendo...

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25 septiembre, 2011

Seniors, most wanted toutistic target

The aging population is one of the most consequential demographic phenomena have on the travel industry in the coming years. According to the World Tourism Mundialdel, those over 65 years now account for 17.4% of the population in 2030 UniónEuropea.Suponiendo dela union... Seguir leyendo...

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19 septiembre, 2011

Falling bookings for Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco

The bookings for North Africa still in low levels from UK. In the case of Tunisia, the falling has reached 40 percent, have known. For Egypt, the booking decline is 36 percent, while for Morocco have felt 21 percent.   Even for Turkey the bookings decline... Seguir leyendo...

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25 agosto, 2011

Spanish Tourism industry fears an offensive by the Arabs

The Spanish tourism sector is facing in the coming months the volatility of its ultimate weapon, the so-called tourists rendered, which could be tempted in the near future by the songs of Arab countries in conflict. According to industry players, the end of the riots will... Seguir leyendo...

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